How to make Windows XP Pro 100% Genuine

OK, so you downloaded that pirated version of WinXP Pro and it keeps nagging you to validate it. I guess many of you are using the WGA-cracks that are released in updated versions every month. I did too, but got tired of it, and simply stopped updating the crack, since it was a big hassle. After a while, I found a new and better solution.

This method will make Windows 100% valid. Even things that don’t work with the WGA-cracks, like IE7-installation works.

Basically it’s just a wonderful keygen that somehow makes serials that work and validate. Heres how you do it:

Make sure all your previous WGA-cracks are deleted and that XP doesn’t validate. This is very important. The problems related to this are all caused by not doing this. It will only work for ordinary XP Pro installations, not for OEM-versions.

1. Visit to download the file.

2. Open it in WinRar, 7Zip, or something.

3. Open “Windows XP Keygen.exe”, select Windows XP Pro VLK and press the “Generate” button. Copy the generated key.

4. Open “keyfinder.exe”. There you see the key Windows XP is using right now.

5. In the keyfinder, go to the “Change Windows key” in the Option menu.

6. Copy the key you generated with the keygen into the “CD Key” box in the keyfinder.

7. Open “wga-fix.exe”. After, restart your computer.

8. Viola! Genuine Windows! Open MSADiag.exe, press Continue and enjoy the sight!


Here are some common errors associated with it NOT working correctly:

  • — Validation Status: “Cryptographic errors detected”
  • — Validation status: “Validation Control not Installed”
  • — Validation Status: Not Activated

The reason for the message “Validation Control not Installed” is because they have not installed WGA and its tools. Try a validation on (which hopefully should fail) and they will be installed.

To remove any old WGA cracks, go into your /windows folder then into /system32 and delete LegitCheckControl.DLL … then goto windows update.. that should work for you.

You need a regular version of Win XP, Pro edition only. No OEM versions, no MCE (Media Center Edition), no HOME Edition. The ‘Corporate’ Edition may also work, though.

Again, in order for this to work, your WinXP must NOT validate first.

For those of you who can’t validate with MGADiag.exe: Be sure that you’ve deleted LegitCheckControl.DLL and renamed both WgaLogon.dll and WgaTray.exe (adding “.bak” in the end of their filename). Then install the latest WGA check from microsoft update. (a reboot before this shouldn’t be necessary) now, do the procedures again from Step 1.

Your antivirus may report it as a ‘trojan’ even though it is not. NOD32 is notorious for this, and you’ll need to disable it first in order to open/download the file.


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